CHIBA-KENの現状取り組み 2005.8.30房惑/田島さんより

E今後何かありましたら、その都度メールします。遠慮せず私へも。既に「気持ちは Wellington」 です。
Kenji San
Thank you for your email, It is good to hear from you.
 I have only just picked it up, as I have been away in Tonga doing a study on seaweed
" Tongan Mozuku "  which is being exported to Japan.
You must be very fit to be able to play more than 3 games in San Diego, especially with your team CHIBA - KEN having not to many spare reserve players. I can understand you being tired.
When in San Diego I tore a ligament in my left sholder during the first game, I was not playing very well afterwards especially when I played for your team as I was in some pain.
 I will have a operation to mend my sholder in a months time, this will fix the damage.
My trip to San Diego was my first Golden Oldies tournament as I only started playing late last year. I had played Rugby at top level until I was 30 years old, that was 20 years ago.
I very much enjoyed playing at Golden Oldies level as it is very friendly and not to serious.
It was an honour to be allowed to play for CHIBA - KEN, I hope I was of some use for your team. You may allow me to play for CHIBA - KEN in Wellington.
On the San Diego tournament, I felt that having all the games at one place was very good as it gave everyone the oportunity to see other games and help other teams if necessary. they were lucky to have such good facitilities and such good weather.
The transport arrangements from hotel to field and other venues was poor and could have been done better.
The opening ceremony should have started on time as the delay was unnecessary and could have been avoided.
The final dinner on the SS Midway was a great venue, lucky the weather was good that night.
However in commenting on the above, I do not have any past experience on other touraments.
Wellington will be different, I lived there for 10 years, the place is a lot smaller than San Diego, the games will be played at different venues. I also understand from the organisers there will be a club approach to the 2006 tournament as there is very few venues that can accomodate the expected 5000 people.
The city itself is very central, and would expect that the social side of the tournament to be very central as well.
Wellington is over 12 months away, your circumstances may have changed by then.
If you do decide to come, spend some time afterwards and visit other parts of New Zealand, which I am happy to help and show you, If you like the outdoors, I can take you fishing our shooting etc.
Joyce my wife says hello and passes on her best wishes.
All the best
Michael Chin
PS the web site of CHIBA - KEN was very interesting, I have passed this on to our other club members
You can check out our website on
All the best